Our Staff

Trisha Ferguson-Eberhard, Owner

Trisha has been working at Gym-Ken Gymnastics since 1989, starting as part-time office help while she was pursuing a degree in Business Management. Following graduation, she started working full-time for Gym-Ken where she had been Business Manager and now proudly has become the newest Owner. Trisha lives in Londonderry with her husband and children.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the kids in the gym laughing, learning and gaining so much self-confidence through this wonderful sport. The best sound in the world is that of a giggling child and I get to listen to it all day!”

Mary Bartolotta

Mary has been employed at Gym-Ken since 2015. She first became a part of the Gym-Ken family as a student in 1993 at only 2 years old along with her triplet sisters. Mary currently teaches pre-school, grade school, our Gym-Ken Gems programs through all levels of USAG competitive team.

Mary was actively involved in both gymnastics and cheerleading. She was a Gym-Ken gymnast and USAG team member until she was 14 years old. Mary then successfully went on to compete in high school gymnastics and cheerleading at Pinkerton Academy where she was involved with multiple state titles and New England Championships.

“I feel to be a success, love what you do and do what you love!!”

Jennifer Corsetto

Jen resides in Derry, NH with her husband and four children. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Salem State and a minor in psychology. Jen has been involved in the sport since a child participating in club gymnastics through high school and two years at Salem State. She has over 25+ years coaching experience and has been at Gym-Ken since 2001. Jen is the Pre-School Director and also coaches the compulsory and optional teams here at Gym-Ken. She is USAG Safety Certified, First Aid Certified and a USAG Certified Instructor

“I am so fortunate to have a job that I truly love! Watching the children grow physically and emotionally each year is amazing. I feel that gymnastics teaches so many life skills to our children (not just physical) and is an important part of their lives”

Kelly Hamel

Kelly lives in Derry, NH. She is a 1982 graduate from Methuen High School and has been quite busy ever since. Kelly has over 13+ years combined experience teaching gymnastics at various gymnastics academies (including Gym-Ken) throughout southern NH and northern MA. Additionally, Kelly has worked in the Methuen school system, worked as a corrections officer in Manchester, NH and opened her own Tae Kwon Do school.

Kelly has been the proud owner and operator of Alpha Tae Kwon Do and Fitness from 2009 – 2017. She loves to help people reach their goals from weight loss, to board breaking, to fitness goals and to advancing belts. Kelly has also been practicing Tae Kwon Do herself for over 25 years. She has reached master level and will be testing for her 5th degree black belt in the fall of 2017. Kelly is very passionate about fitness. She is a runner, athlete, practices yoga and frequently works out at the gym.

Kelly recently rejoined our Gym-Ken family in August 2017.

"I love working with children. I am dedicated to making their experience at Gym-Ken the best it can be."

Melissa Heywood

Melissa (Missy) joined the Gym-Ken family in the fall of 2005. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from Keene State College where she also studied Early Childhood Development, Special Education and Secondary Education. While in college, Missy worked at the YMCA as a lifeguard, swim coach, gymnastics instructor and after school care provider. Missy currently teaches pre-school, grade school, our Gym-Ken Gems program and is Gym-Ken’s Birthday Party Director. Gym-Ken’s birthday party program grows bigger and better every year, filling more weekends than ever before!!

"I believe in establishing a relationship with both student and parent that is based on trust and open communication to ensure that they get the most out of being a part of our program. I coach with all aspects of education in mind by addressing the individual student's needs so that they progress at their own pace; I believe this is the most effective method in building a capable, confident child that looks forward to coming to a class that challenges them, and best of all, has fun!"

Alison Hobbs-Wozmak

Alison has been a Gym-Ken staff member since 2013 as a pre-school, grade school, tumbling and GK Gems instructor.

She lives with her 5 children (including a set of triplets) on a small farm where they raise wool breed sheep. Alison holds a dual Bachelor’s degree in Elementary and Special Education with a minor in Art, Music and Mathematics from Fitchburg State College. She became involved in the sport 35+ years ago when she was asked to be assistant coach at ConVal High School by her sister, a former Level 9 gymnast. Alison went on to develop and implement the after school gymnastics program at Stockbridge Plain School. She was the owner of Monadnock Public Gymnasts for 16 years where she coached boys and girls pre-school, grade school, AAU and USAG compulsory and optional levels, as well as, Excel. In addition, she has coached 3 high school cheer squads. She is First Aid and CPR Certified.

“Children are beautiful, smart and funny. They can do anything!”

Amanda Kennedy

Amanda started working at Gym-Ken Gymnastics in the fall of 2012. She is the Director of our Tumbling, Parkour and Ninja programs. She also teaches many of our pre-school and grade school classes, as well as, our swim lessons during the summer months.

Amanda has been involved in competitive gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and lacrosse. She was named captain in lacrosse her sophomore through senior years in college and her senior year of Cheerleading in High School. Amanda has been a member of East Celebrity Elites World and National Champion cheer teams and she has also coached competitive cheerleading and acrobatics, as well as, High School and Middle School Lacrosse

Amanda attended Dean and New England College. She has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and an Associate’s Degree in Exercise Science. She is also certified in First Aid and CPR.

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not to join their chaos”

Julie Kerins

Julie has been employed at Gym-Ken Gymnastics since 2012. She was a USAG competitive gymnast for 12 years and was Level 4 thru 9 NH State All-Around Champion. She also represented Region 6 in the 2007 Eastern National Championship as a level 9 gymnast. Julie competed for two years on the Rhode Island College gymnastics team. Julie is USAG, CPR and Safety Certified. She coaches pre-school classes and GK’s competitive teams.

“Imagine with all your mind – believe with all your heart – achieve with all your might!”

Corey Krochmal

Corey has been working here at Gym-Ken since the summer of 2016. He primarily teaches both Parkour and American Ninja Warrior classes but also instructs our Boys recreational classes and beginning tumbling. Corey had been a student here at Gym-Ken since 2010 when Parkour was an up and coming genre. He fell in love with the movement and was inspired to teach what he had learned to others who were just as interested and intrigued. Coaching combines both his passions of teaching and movement and he is always excited to see new faces in his classes. He always pushes his students to conquer their fears and help boost their confidence so they can take their skills to the next level.

Corey is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University.

“If you don’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, stare a little longer, because there is something inside you that made you keep going despite everyone who told you to quit.” ~ Shane Koyczan

Kara Lemay

Kara has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from University of NH majoring in Physical Education and started working at Gym-Ken Gymnastics in 2001. She has been teaching gymnastics for 25+ years to all ages and levels including preschool, grade school, and all levels of competitive gymnastics. Kara has coached several of her Team Gymnasts to Nationals and many of her former gymnasts have also gone on to compete at the collegiate level. She has also been honored to have had the opportunity to coach with past and present Olympic Coaches. Kara was the first coach in NH to have a gymnast qualify to the USAG National TOPS Team and was also a gymnastics judge for 8 years, serving many years on the NH Gymnastics Board of Directors.

Kara implemented and is the Director of our Hot Shots, Shooting Stars, and Mini Gymmies programs. These programs are the precursor to our competitive program.

Kara has been an American Red Cross Lifeguard and Swim Instructor for over 25+ years and is the Director of our Summer Swim program.

Kara is a USAG Certified Instructor, Certified Junior Olympic Team Coach, Safety and Risk Management Certified and certified in Fundamentals of gymnastics instruction, as well as, PDP Development.

“The best part of my job is watching children succeed at achieving small goals on their way to being successful at life.”

Samantha Lemay

Gymnastics has been a part of Sam’s life for as long as she can remember. Sam says, “My mom (Miss Kara) has been coaching since before I was born, so naturally I have spent a good portion of my life in and around gymnastics. I have been in and out of gymnastics my entire life. I have been part of Gym-Ken gymnastics since I was four years old and employed since 2009. Most of my memories of gymnastics come from Gym-Ken. I was a part of Gym-Ken’s open team and many of the coaches I had when I was a gymnast, are still coaches here today. Having practically grown up at Gym-Ken, I always loved the idea of someday being able to coach here myself.”

Samantha teaches grade school and pre-school classes and is a valuable member of our summer staff. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Elementary and Special Education at Southern New Hampshire University.

"There is nothing more rewarding than having a job where you get to help kids achieve their personal best at something they genuinely enjoy participating in."

Ruth Licata

Ruth Licata is the Girls’ Team Head Coach at Gym-Ken Gymnastics. She has been employed at Gym-Ken since 1987 and is a USAG Gymnastics Professional member, Safety Certified, Skill Evaluator, Meet Director, PDP certified, former judge for girls’ compulsories, former high school gymnast, trained in dance (ballet, tap & jazz) for l4 years at E. Virginia Williams Dance Studio (founder of the Boston Ballet, the oldest ballet company in the United States).

"I've had the pleasure of working with so many girls and boys over the years watching them grow from beginner gymnasts to very accomplished athletes and responsible adults. I've learned that for anyone to be successful in life they have to love what they do. Our job as a coach is to inspire children to want to do their best and be there every step of the way to support them. Coaching is an amazing responsibility, never to be taken lightly."

Jillian MacDonald

Jillian has been a part of the Gym-Ken family since 2006. She is currently the Director for both the grade school and Gym-Ken Gems programs and teaches pre-school classes. Jillian took gymnastics from age three to eleven years old at Interstate Gymnastics, working her way up through the team program. At age twelve, she switched gears to cheerleading and continued to cheer through high school while continuing tumbling classes at Brentwood and is a four time All-American NCA cheerleader. Jillian attended Notre Dame College for two years on a Pre-Physician Assistant track. She received her LNA license, as well as, her Professional Rescuer certification and continued to work in the health care field for two years. Jillian also attended NHCTC Manchester for one year studying Nursing.

"I believe gymnastics can be beneficial to all children as it offers strength, flexibility, discipline, structure, and a sense of accomplishment through both mental and physical growth."

Alec Mitchell

Alec has been working at Gym-Ken Gymnastics since 2015. Alec has taken classes here at GK since he moved to Windham in 2006. He currently teaches Ninja Warrior classes, is one of our talented summer counselors and facilitates birthday parties. Alec was featured on a “NH Chronicle” piece that recently aired highlighting our exciting Parkour program. He is a junior at Windham High School and he plans on pursuing an education in business. He has played soccer through his high school career and has done various volunteering in his free time.

"There is nothing better than watching students learn and improve. The pursuit of perfection is what betters us all."

James Mlynarski

James has been an integral member of the Gym-Ken staff since the fall of 2015. He has been coaching gymnastics for 25+ years. Prior to his time here at Gym-Ken, James spent 5 years as a USAG Boys Head Coach. He is also the former Assistant Gymnastics Coach for the Men’s and Women’s team program at Springfield College. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Services and a Master’s Degree in Substance Abuse Counseling both from Springfield College. James was a USAG club gymnast for 12 years elevating to Level 10. He then continued his gymnastics career at Springfield College where he was 2x National Vault Champion, ECAC Vault Champion and 8x All American (Vault, Rings and Floor Exercise). James resides in Derry, NH with his wife Daria and three children, Makayla, Sydney and Dylan.

Jerelyn Nordelus

Jerelyn has been with Gym-Ken Gymnastics since 2010 and has a combined total of 15+ years’ experience coaching her favorite sport. She currently coaches pre-school classes and our USAG Level 1 & 2 Competitive Girls Program. She began her coaching career by implementing a small tumbling program in a single matted room in the back of the dance studio where she danced. From there, Jerelyn worked for many years at her former competitive youth gymnastics club.

Jerelyn studied Performing Arts - Dance, before transferring to attain a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from Hesser College, while continuing to coach all levels of gymnastics from preschool thru all competitive USAG team levels. Upon graduation, she worked in accounting for some time soon realizing that coaching was her true passion.

Jerelyn is also a Certified Personal Trainer through AFAA.

"Seeing children accomplish things that make them smile, building confidence, staying healthy and fit, and all while having lots of fun is what I strive for every day I walk into the gym. I love the sport of gymnastics and if I can share that love with a child, all while achieving all of these things, why would I want to do anything else?"

Erin O'Brien

Erin has been employed at Gym-Ken Gymnastics since 2014. She began her time with us as a member of our reliable birthday staff during high school. Eventually, she joined the staff of our Gym-N-Swim summer program. Growing up, Erin attended our grade school program where some of her former coaches are still teaching to this day. Erin is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with the hopes of becoming a pre-school teacher. As of 2016, Erin is teaching both our pre-school and grade school classes. She is CPR and First Aid Certified. She has been a great addition to the Gym-Ken family.

"I find it very gratifying to watch my students accomplish challenging tasks each week and become more confident in their achievements."

Christina Raymond

“Miss Chris” has worked at Gym-Ken Gymnastics since the fall of 2002. She wears many Gym-Ken hats but specifically manages the office, staff and is the customer service liaison. Christina has a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Lowell. She lives in Windham with her husband Dan and is mom to 2 sons (former GK gymnasts) Danny & Timmy, and her chocolate and black labs Max and Gus.

"I am passionate about giving children the opportunity to participate in such an amazing sport! I will often tell parents that the meaning of success is to make a difference in a person's life - it's not about wins or losses, but about what you teach people (or in our case – children). My favorite words to live by here at Gym-Ken are "If you had fun...You Won!!"