“To the Staff and Teachers at Gym-Ken, Our son John is a student on Monday’s at 10:15 with Miss Jen and Miss Jillian. This is our second session there and is certainly not our last. Your gym provides a wonderful experience with gymnastics and an even better group of teachers who make it all happen.

We decided to send John to a gym program to help boost his confidence and strengthen his gross motor skills. He has done that and so much more. John is very cautious and often apprehensive of new situations but the coaches took their time getting to know him and quickly gained his trust. They never pushed him to do anything but rather encouraged him to try new things with their help. Week after week we are shocked at what he is doing. He always has so much fun and can’t wait to tell my husband what new feat he accomplished.

John’s confidence level has sky rocketed and he is more likely to try new things than ever before. There is nothing more comforting as parents than knowing you have chosen a place for your child to have fun and learn and then to see such amazing results.

We are registered to take swimming courses this summer and also signed up for classes next year for John and his little sister. We just thought you should hear from very pleased customers and know that we are spreading the word about the awesome business you have built and the amazing teachers you employ. Your teachers are truly the cream of the crop and we feel so blessed for them to have been such an intricate part of the confident little boy in our home today.

Our deepest appreciation, The Pilato Family
Lauren (14 years old) was assigned to write an essay for a school assignment regarding Leadership. Of all the people in her life she chose to write about Miss Kara. Here is a portion of her essay:

“On my first day of gymnastics class, when I was only three years old, I could hardly do a forward roll. Now I am able to do a round-off back handspring back-tuck on the floor and a back-walkover on balance beam. I didn’t just learn these skills on my own. Many different coaches help me to build my skills to where I am today. However, one coach, Miss Kara, taught me much more than just how to do a backtuck. She taught me how to believe in myself, about confidence, respect and trust.

I think different people have different ideas on what a good leader is because they need different things from them. Miss Kara has all the qualities that I see in a leader. When I work with Miss Kara, I want her to be proud of me. One time I just wanted to give up. I couldn’t get over the vaulting table. It was Miss Kara who encouraged me to keep trying and now I have that vault almost perfectly. I want to hear her say, “Good Job!” the way she does. I have a lot of respect for her. She has watched me grow up in the eleven years that I have known her. She has encouraged me to go forward and try new things. She wants to see me do all that I can do. Miss Kara has never let me down and when I was at Gym-Ken, I knew she was always there for me.”