Preschool & Kindergarten Class Information

These super-charged, super-fun co-ed classes meet once per week for a 45 minute or 1 hour class. The kids are separated into five different age groups: Bouncing Babies (ages walking - 23 months), Tiny Tots (2 years old), Tumbling Tikes (3 years old),Rolling Rascals (4 years old) and Kinder Kids (enrolled in Kindergarten for the current school year).
Warm-ups will introduce strength and flexibility to the kids followed by our spectacular obstacle courses. Obstacles are set-up throughout the gym incorporating all of the events including; bars, beam, floor, trampoline, vaulting table, rings, climbing wall and so much more. Obstacle courses will be used in two week increments. The first week will be used to introduce the children to the new skills and the second week will be used to reinforce what they have learned and to work on advancing the skill.
If you can't have fun while learning gymnastics, why do it, right? That's why the emphasis for these classes is placed on learning through fun.

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Pre-School Tuition: (Based on a 10-week session/one class per week)
Bouncing Babies $205.00 (45 minute class w/parent)
Tiny Tots $210.00 (45 minute class)
Tumbling Tikes $215.00 (1 hour class)
Rolling Rascals $215.00 (1 hour class)
Kinder Kids $215.00 (1 hour class)
Gym-Ken Gymnastics Payment Policy:

If your child is enrolled and has attended even one class of a session, you are obligated to pay for the entire session.

Gym-Ken Gymnastics does offer a payment plan. 1/2 payment is due prior to the 1st class of each session, the remaining 1/2 payment (plus a $2 service fee is due at the halfway point of that session.

Gym-Ken Gymnastics accepts cash, personal checks made payable to Gym-Ken Gymnastics, Master Card, Visa and Discover.

If there is an outstanding balance on your account prior to the beginning of a new session, then unfortunately, your child will not be able to begin the new session until the balance has been remitted.

A $10.00 late fee will be added after Week 1 of the Session if no payment has been made on the account.