Program Descriptions for Preschool & Kindergarten Classes

Bouncing Babies (ages walking - 2 years as of September 30th)

  • First introduction into the gym

  • Parent and tot class

  • Introducing colors, numbers, shapes.

  • Introducing side by side play with friends

  • Working on gross motor skills in a fun, safe, positive atmosphere with the help of you (the parent) and us (the staff). Together as a team we the staff will give and offer as much as your little one is ready to take.

  • We work on fine motor skills with stay and play stations

  • We will work on the basic gymnastic skills i.e., rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Upper body strength with hanging from our bars, rings, and trapeze. Balance with our variety of beams, planks, 1/2 balls and oppositional coordination with many different ladder challenges.

  • Our goal is to give your child through our creative and fun lesson plans the confidence, strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination that they will need to be successful in whatever activity they choose to do in the future. We want them to love to move around and exercise and to feel confident in themselves with their achievements.

Tiny Tots (must be 2 by September 30th)

  • Next intro after Bouncing Babies

  • Our goal is to have them independent from you, but it may take time if your child has not done our Bouncing class or is with a different teacher than their previous class.

  • First time Tiny Tot parents should plan on being hands on with their child, and your teacher will let you know when it’s best to step away. You need to remember we are strangers to them; this is a super fun place to be but there are rules to keep your child and all others safe. So, if all they hear from us is “no thank you”, “over here please” they will not like us, but if we as team work together and have the same rules your child will love us and want to be with us because we will lead them to the new, fun and exciting themes we have planned for class. So, our words of wisdom… be patient and follow your teacher's lead. We will get you upstairs watching the class.

  • We will work on fine and gross motor skills along with the basics of gymnastics all while incorporating numbers, colors, words, pictures and shapes. Our lesson plans are always creative and it’s a fun way to learn and make new friends.

  • We will also work on side-by-side (parallel) play with our side stations and transition to associate play. It’s always hard for them to understand “it’s not just about you” but we hope with all the physical activity and challenges they are ready to settle for a few and work on some social skills.

Tumbling Tikes (must be 3 by September 30th)

  • We will be working on gross and fine motor skills (while waiting) and help with associate play.  Our goal is to introduce cooperative play with the class with some games and side stations.

  • We will be working on basic gymnastics skills (i.e.rolls, cartwheels, etc) and student’s balance and strength during our obstacle courses and themed lesson plans.

  • We will also incorporate strength and flexibility in a positive, fun and rewarding atmosphere.  Our goal is to make exercise fun in a safe environment.

Rolling Rascals (must be 4 by September 30th)

  • We will work on fine and gross motor skills along with cooperative play with our classmates.

  • Our basic gymnastics skills will start to evolve such as adding different shapes to rolls (tuck, pike, straddle).

  • Forward/Backward and sideward movement is added in how we move along the floor, beam and bars.

  • We continue to work on gaining strength through our fun-themed lesson plans.

Kinder Kids (must be in Kindergarten for current school year)

  • We start the year working on fine and gross motor skills along with cooperative play but then try to transition into  “Stay & Play” work stations.  This gives them more time to master their gymnastics skills while working with a partner.

  • We will build on student’s strength and flexibility in a positive, fun atmosphere. 

  • Our basic gymnastics skills will continue to evolve through use of different spotting stations.

  • Like the other programs, we pride ourselves on keeping a fun, positive and safe environment where children can grow, develop, explore and enjoy physical exercise through gymnastics.