Parkour Class Information

Parkour Ages 1st Grade and Up

The basis of Parkour lies in one’s ability to overcome obstacles using the human body. Parkour values principles such as strength and longevity to help develop a healthy lifestyle and promote regular physical activity.
The idea behind the movement is to adapt to an environment. This could be concrete walls, benches, picnic tables, boulders, staircases, playgrounds and any other area with the possibility of creative movement. The ideas of flow and continuous movement are front and center as well as creative expression through movement.
Parkour teaches lessons that apply both inside and outside of the gym. Through this movement students learn to break down complex movements and concepts into more simple steps for progress. You need to roll before you can flip, just as you need to walk before you can run. These classes push students to strive for improvement in physical abilities and goals that are set by them.
Our Parkour classes teach skills like vaulting, precision's, flips, climbing techniques, and more. These skills are then used together to move through all sorts of environments. Not only does this condition the body to adapt, but also trains the mind to look at the physical world in a whole new way.
Parkour differs from gymnastics in that there aren’t many set rules. People are bound by physics and gravity, but aside from that all sorts of creativity is welcome. We may have stolen a few moves from gymnastics (shhh don’t tell them!) but the movement of Parkour is truly one of a kind.
These Parkour skills don’t only have an application within the walls of the gym. Skills such as cooperation and persistence and hard work are essential for the world outside of spring floors and trampolines. Learning these things will help to boost confidence and encourage an exercise-rich and healthy lifestyle.
We promote an atmosphere of support and inclusion. No matter the background, age, or physical ability, Parkour is for anyone and everyone. We all start somewhere, you just need to start moving.
Parkour Tuition: $215.00 (Based on 10-week session/one class per week)

Classes are held:
Saturday Grades 1-3
Sunday Grades 1-3
12:30pm - 1:30pm
1:30pm - 2:30pm or 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Sunday Grades 4-7
3:45pm - 4:45pm