Summer Tumbling 2018

    (Ages 6+):

Dates:  June 26 - August 16

Beginners:  Tuesday 4:00-5:00 and/or Tuesday 5:00-6:00 and/or Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm      

No prior experience required.  Will learn all basic tumbling skills, focusing mainly on the back handspring.

Intermediate:  Tuesday 4:00-5:00 or  and/or Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm     

Must have: Back Handspring off Tumle Trak and down wedge mat without a spot

Advanced:  Tuesday 4:00-5:00 and/or  Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm     

Must have:  Round-off Back Handspring, back-tuck on floor

For our Summer Tumbling Programs, there are two different ways to register:

1.  Sign up for our 8 week Summer program (June 26 - August 16) choosing same day & time each week (i.e. Wednesday 5:00).  The cost will be $140.00 for the 8 weeks.
2.  If you would like to choose different days/different weeks throughout the summer the cost will be $19.00 per class.

Full payment is due at the time of registration.  All new members will be charged a $15.00 registration fee.

Please stop by the office to complete your registration or call the office and we will be happy to register you over the phone.