Summer Gym & Swim Programs 2017

Get Ready for a Wet n' Wild Summer in 2017!

School's out, summer's here, and your children are full of energy looking to let loose... Gym-Ken Gymnastics is just the place to do it! Our Gym & Swim summertime adventure includes: lots of gym time, flexible scheduling options (half & full day, early drop-off & late pick-up), theme weeks, supervised open swim, outdoor playground, giant wave slide, and plenty of staff members eager to make sure your child is safe and of course having the time of their lives!

Scheduling Options
There are several scheduling options for you and your child. You have the choice of signing up by the week or by the day, for as many as you wish. You may switch between half & full days and add early drop-off or late pick-up for any of those days. We work around your schedule instead of you having to work around ours!

If your child is attending 3 full weeks/full days, you will receive a 5% discount & 10% for 4 or more full weeks.  To be eligible for the discount, the days must be consecutive. In addition, we also offer a 10% sibling discount.

Program Times & Prices

Half Day: 8am-12:00pm     Ages: 3 & up     Cost: $40.00 per day or $180.00 per week

Half Day PM: 1pm-5pm     Ages: 3 & up     Cost: $40.00 per day or $180.00 per week

Full Day: 8am-5 pm            Ages: 3 & up     Cost: $56.00 per day or $250.00 per week

Early drop off & Late pick-up information

  • You may drop off your children at 7:30am for an additional $5.00 per day, or you may drop them off at 8:00am at no extra charge.
  • Pick-up for full day is between 4:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Late pick up is from 5:05pm-5:30pm for an additional $5.00 per day. If you arrive later than 5:30pm, you will be charged $5.00 for every 5 minutes you are late.
  • During drop-off and pick-up the children are in the classrooms where there are plenty of games, puzzles, and crafts. It is not part of any gym time for the students.
  • You must sign up in advance for Early Drop-Off & Late Pick-Up (prior to the day you need it).

AM Snack & Drink, PM Snack & Drink (full day), Extra Swim Suit & Towel, Sunscreen, Lunch (full day only), Change of clothes

**For loss and damage prevention, we ask that electronic devices (DS, PSP, Game Boys, IPod, etc.) and Cell Phones remain at home**

What to do...
  • Put names on all: lunchboxes, towels, sunscreen, etc...
  • Please have your child's bathing suit on BEFORE you arrive at the gym. Girls can very easily wear it under (or as) their gym clothes & boys can wear theirs in gym as shorts.
  • You must apply sunscreen BEFORE you arrive at the gym. It needs to be applied on a sunny day, rainy day, windy day, snowy day - you get the idea. The weather is very hard to predict, and just because it's raining when you wake-up, by 10:00 the sun could be out in full force. We do not want any little suffering lobsters! We will help reapply after lunch if they are staying full day.

  • Please stop by the Gym-Ken office and fill out the registration form.
  • Registration will not be complete without a 30% deposit of your Summer Fee
  • and a $15.00 Registration Fee. (Registration Fee is for new students only!!)
  • All Deposits are non-refundable.

8:00 - 9:00
9:00 - 10:00
10:00 - 10:15
10:15 - 11:00
11:00 - 11:45
11:45 - 12:00

12:00 - 1:00
1:00 - 1:30
1:30 - 2:15
2:15 - 3:00
3:00 - 4:00
4:00 - 5:00

Drop Off
Warm-up & Gymnastics class
Snack Break
Gymnastics Class
Free Swim/Open Gym
Change for lunch & 1/2 Day Kids pick-up

Lunch (Full Day Kids Only)
Gymnastics Class
Recreation/Open Swim
Gymnastics Class
Open Gym/Free Swim/Games & Contests
Change & Pick-up

** Space is Limited to 60 children per day. First come, First serve**

Theme Weeks - Ages 3 through 1st Grade Theme Weeks - Grades 2+

Week 1 June 26 - June 30 Week 1  June 26 - June 30
Pirate's and Princesses Serious Science
"Swashbuckle & Dazzle with us!" "Come Experiment with Us!"
            Pizza Day: Friday  Pizza Day:  Friday

Week 2  July 3 - July 7 Week 2  July 3 - July 7
Lovin' Legos Lights, Camera, Action!
"Everything is Awesome" "Star Wars, Lego Movie, Trolls & More!"
   Pizza Day:  Monday      Pizza Day:  Monday

Week 3  July 10 - July 14 Week 3  July 10 - July 14
Jungle Mania Challenge Week
   "Swing, Climb & Monkey Around" "Caution...Ninja's in Training"
Pizza Day:  Tuesday      Pizza Day:  Tuesday

Week 4  July 17 - July 21 Week 4  July 17 - July 21
Water, Water, Everywhere Splash n' Dash
"Splish, Splash & Soak" "Try NOT to Get Wet!"
Pizza Day:  Wednesday Pizza Day:  Wednesday

Week 5  July 24 - July 28 Week 5  July 24 - July 28
Games Galore           Get Your Game On
"From Tug of War to Freeze Dance & More"   "Batteries Not Required"
        Pizza Day:  Thursday     Pizza Day:  Thursday

Week 6  July 31 - August 4 Week 6  July 31 - August 4
Disney Dreams Adventure Land
"Come & have Fun at the Greatest Place on Earth" "No Tickets Needed for this Theme Park"
Pizza Day:  Friday  Pizza Day:  Friday

Week 7  August 7 - August 11 Week 7  August 7 - August 11
Gettin' Dirty     Blow It Up!
"No Soap, No Problem" "Here Come's the Boom!"
Pizza Day:  Monday    Pizza Day:  Monday

Week 8  August 14 - August 18 Week 8  August 14 - August 18
Under the Big Top Carnival Week
     "We Dare you Not to Have Fun!" "We Dare you Not to Have Fun!"
      Pizza Day:  Tuesday Pizza Day:  Tuesday

It is the policy of Gym-Ken Gymnastics that when you register your child for our program, you will be responsible for the tuition of that program. Please be aware that there are no make-ups for missed days and there are no refunds. We fill each day, thus making make-ups impossible.