Summer Program Daily Information

Welcome to the Gym-Ken Gymnastics Summer Program. The following is important information regarding procedures for our summer programs.  Following this email will be a separate email that will cover the updated safety protocols and guidelines that have been implemented to follow the CDC requirements set forth by the state.

Before you even leave the house…

~ Please have your children completely sun-screened and in their bathing suits and sneakers.  Any cover-ups can be placed with their belongings upon arrival.

~ Remember to pack a towel, an extra bathing suit, spray-on sunscreen (they will need to reapply) and at least one change of clothes. Remember to put names on all lunch boxes, towels, backpacks, etc.

~ Please leave all electronic devices at home.  If your child brings a cell phone with them it must stay with their belongings at all times.  They will not be permitted to carry a phone with them throughout the day.

~ Let your kids  know that if they need to reach you for any reason they can always be brought to the office and we will assist them in getting in touch with you.

~ If your child is feverish, vomiting or has an obvious sickness we will be calling you to come pick them up - no exceptions. We cannot risk the health of our other students and their families.  If your child is feeling sick at all in the morning we implore you - please DO NOT bring them thinking they will feel better after the car ride here - it’s never worked out that way...

~ Similar to the school system, we are not allowed to dispense medication to any children unless we have a doctors note (prescription).  Epi-pens, antibiotic medication, etc will be safely kept at the front desk at all times.

The following is all regarding the food portion of the day...

~  For the ½ day program:  please pack your child a snack and a drink for morning break.

~  For the Full Day program:  please bring 2 snacks, 3 drinks and lunch.  We have two 
snack breaks         throughout the day.  

~  Please do not send items that need to be microwaved.

~  Please supply plastic utensils if needed.

~  We ARE NOT peanut free!  We take great care of our children that have food allergies

    and will have a separate table and space for them for both snack and lunch time.
    Please do not forget to inform us of any medical condition (food or otherwise) that we
    need to be made aware of.

Upon Arrival to Gym-Ken

Please arrive between 8:00 - 8:30am. I want to stress the importance of arriving on time for your program.  The children acclimate much better if they start with the rest of the class.  More information regarding arrival will follow in the next email with changes due to the CDC requirements.

As you arrive we will be separating the children into 4 groups of 8 each day depending on their age.  Each group will be assigned an instructor they will have for the day.

Dismissal Procedures

Pick up for ½ day is 12:00pm and full day is between 4:00pm - 5:00pm (unless you have signed up for late pick-up).  We ask that you first sign your child out before you collect their belongings.  You are required to sign your child out before you leave each day. Please make sure you gather all of your children’s belongings each day.  We are not responsible for any items left behind.

Please fill out the "Authorized Sign-Out Sheet” if anyone other than you (the parent/guardian) is picking up your child.  Everyone will be required to fill out a Permission Form (see attached) for any and all individuals who may be relied upon to dismiss your child.  Please return this form on your child’s first day of the program.

The first time someone on the permission form dismisses a child they will be required to provide us with a photo ID.  We will not release any child to anyone not on the permission form.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

Late Fees…

We realize that there are times when you may be a couple of minutes late picking up your children - highway traffic, getting out of work late, lost track of time, etc.  Whatever the reason, we will give you a five minute grace period.  For ½ day students if you arrive after 12:05pm you will be charged a late fee of $5.00 for every 5 minutes you are late and for full day we will give you until 5:05pm and then charge the same rate as described for the ½ day children. **If you have signed up for Late Pick-Up this does not apply to you unless you arrive after 5:35pm.**

Make-up/Refund Policy

Our summer program fills to capacity each year therefore we are unable to do make-ups for missed days.  We must adhere to very strict attendance numbers to provide the safest and best experience for your child.

If you do miss a day and we are able to replace your child with one on our waiting list we will be happy to credit your account for your missed day.  This is the ONLY way we will credit you for any days missed. 

We take great pride in our staff and know they work extremely hard to make sure that your children have the best possible experience with us.  Their fun-loving and patient ways ensure that from the very shy child arriving their first day to the silly camper that has been coming every day since the beginning of time, your child will be in the best hands!  We know the Golden Rule:  “Happy Children make for Happy Parents”!!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns on any of our summer policies!!